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We design interactive experiences, develop custom tools for data analysis and visualization, and craft beautiful web maps.

Morphocode Explorer

Analyze existing site conditions, measure key urban indicators, and perform spatial analysis — directly in the browser.

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Morphocode Explorer

D3 Horizon Charts

An open-source D3.js plugin for drawing horizon charts in the browser and node. The plugin provides an effective method to visually compare multiple data sources in a single view.

●  Used by Apache Superset

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Urban Layers

Urban Layers is an interactive visualization that explores historical layers of Manhattan’s built environment, revealing hidden patterns and preserved fragments.

●  Published in the Best American Infographics 2015
●  Featured in the Top 100 Best Maps of 2014
●  Most Popular Story on Atlantic Media’s Citylab

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Rabbit is one of the first add-ons for Grasshopper & Rhino3D. The add-on provides an easy way to explore natural phenomena such as pattern formation, self-organization and emergence.

●  Workshop at IUAV — Venice, Italy
●  Workshop at Staedelschule — Frankfurt, Germany
●  Used at GSAPP, RMIT, Harvard Design School, Yale, AA School of Architecture, Berkeley and many more

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The heritage of Sofia

We built a custom interactive map using Mapbox GL JS, d3.js and Google street view to cast light on Sofia’s cultural heritage.

● Received the Mayor’s award for cultural contributions

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Data Urbanism

Data Urbanism was an exhibition featuring three projects: “Data Traces”, “The Pulse of the City” and “1950-2030”. The exhibition was hosted by Platform, Munich.

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The pulse of Melbourne

We explored data from Melbourne’s pedestrian counting system to visualize movement patterns and network interdependencies.

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Interactive Field

We’ve used Kinect and LibCinder to create an interactive kinetic field.  By moving your hands, you can apply force over the digital model in real-time.

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Zima is a series of houseware products designed by Morphocode. The design was inspired by John Conway’s Game of Life, generated using our plug-in Rabbit and 3D printed in white plastic.

●  Exhibited at the World Design Capital, Helsinki

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Wind Turbine Loft

A concept that proposes the installation of a residential unit within the volume of the nacelle that would provide constant shelter for a group of technicians taking care of the functional integrity of the turbine.

●  Featured on DesignBoom, Yahoo News & Inhabitat

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