Morphocode is an Architectural Practice working at the Intersection of Design and Technology.

Morphocode is led by arch. Greta Dimitrova and arch. Kiril Mandov.
We are driven by curiosity and the desire to share our research endeavors.

We have written one of the first grasshopper add-ons; held lectures in different architectural schools around Europe; exhibited internationally and built an online community that we are proud of.

We empower architects through education.

We develop digital tools.

Rabbit - one of the first add-ons for Grasshopper - has been developed by Morphocode.

Rabbit provides an easy way to explore natural phenomena such as pattern formation, self-organization and emergence. The add-on gives architects and designers the opportunity to integrate these models of organization in their own designs.

Since its first release, Rabbit has been downloaded over 15 000 times by students, researchers and design professionals around the world.

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We are code ninjas.




We love our community.

At Morphocode we are happy to be part of a community of like-minded people with similar interests.
We use social media to interact and share interesting resources. Join us on:

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If you've been looking for somewhere to get away from it all, design firm Morphocode might have just thought up your dream home.


This revolutionary concept lays down a modern Atlantis that, somewhere not so far down the road, could be the next destination for gung-ho sustainable-livers everywhere.

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Their output is characterized by nature-informed shapes, the use of new technology, attention to detail and a refusal to compromise.

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