We are pleased to announce the new release of RABBIT!

Get it here:


23 thoughts on “RABBIT 0.2 is OUT!

  1. mario vergara says:

    Dear People from Morphcode.
    First of all thank you you your amazing tool…..i’m really enjoying it!
    I wanted to ask you a question…maybe it sound silly, but i still haven’t been able to control and understand rabbit.
    I would like to send you a ghx file for you guys to check out.
    Could you please send me an emal so i can share my definition and explain my problem???

  2. Irina Bogdan says:

    hey guys!
    a few days ago i’ve installed GH 0.7 and it looks pretty promising. the only inconvenient is that Rabbit and 0.7.0022 don’t really get along well. has any one else tried to make peace between the two and make them work together?
    thanks for everything and congrats! 🙂
    tons of support and keep the great work flowing.

  3. morphocode says:

    Hi Irina,

    thanks for the thumbs up.
    It’s a known issue that Rabbit 0.2 is not compatible with GH 0.7. – it is due to the changes in the GH API.
    The next release of Rabbit will provide support for GH 0.7. along with some new cool features.

    Stay tuned!


  4. hardtek147 says:

    Hi Morphocode,
    I just discovered your work thanks to designplaygrounds.com
    I havent tried your tool yet cause i am on 0.7 , i guess i need to get back to 0.6 for Rabbit to work.
    I dont need to try your tool (i will as soon as possible) to tell you that your work is wonderfull.
    If it works it is almost as good as GH itself.

    thank you so much, keep it up

  5. Kurt says:

    Hello Morphocode team!

    I’ve been working with Rabbit’s account of cellular automata in an abstract mode for a few days now, and I’ve produced some interesting results. My interest in these experiments, however, has always been toward the use of Rabbit as a way to animate urban scale mapping exercised that I’ve been exploring in GH. To this end, though, the 40×40 grid size limit is proving a curious obstacle: at the more urban scale of a neighborhood, it’s just too course a grain. This isn’t necessarily a problem; perhaps smaller scale, abstract, studies can be used as prototypes for what might occur across the larger territories of a city. I was wondering, though, what is driving this 40×40 limit, and whether there are any ambitions to expand the potential territories for fine-grained Rabbit procreation?

    The Rabbit is a wonderful tool. Much thanks for making the powerful worlds of cellular automata and L-systems more accessible.

    Kurt Marsh
    M.Arch. / M.L.A. 2012

  6. morphocode says:

    Hi guys,

    first of all thanks for your interest in Rabbit.

    @hardtek147 Thanks for the thumbs up. It is true that Rabbit 0.2 is not compatible with GH 0.7 at the moment.. we’are working hard to bring the new release that will work with GH 0.7.
    Stay tuned!

    @Kurt Good to hear about your urban studies….Can you share them with us? we’re curious to see them… Rabbit is powefull enough to simulate some very big urban networks/grids…it was actually used in a few similar projects successfully. The 40×40 limit was set because we’re still working on it and it is a non-commercial product.
    You can contact us if you need to overcome this limitation. we’re open to collaborate and help with that.


  7. tuft says:

    Hi, I really like your rabbit. I want to experiment with stochastic and parametric l-system. Is there an easy way to extend the rabbit? Or do you consider releasing it as open source? It could evolve much faster, I think.


  8. morphocode says:

    Hi tuft,

    good to hear you like Rabbit.

    It would be great to have stochastic and parametric L-systems in Rabbit. Actually we think about implementing these in the next versions of Rabbit.
    Releasing it as an open source is a good idea…we’ll have to think about that in the long run.


  9. Anne says:

    Your work is great!
    Big compliments for designing, describing and presenting it in a simple, meaningful way.

    I am looking for a way to use RABBIT based on a hexagonal grid rather than a rectangular. Any hints on how to do that? As I understand it, the neighbor-logic in RABBIT’s code is based on squares, thus it is not enough to just add a hex-grid instead of the rectangular grid in your tutorials.

  10. EliseElsacker says:

    Hi guys,

    This is fantastic, Rabbit makes recursion possible in Grasshopper! Exactly what I’m looking for 🙂
    But it does not work GH8 unfortunaly. When do you provide an update to GH8?
    Thanks a lot!

    Elise x

  11. dave says:

    cant wait to use newest rabbit, instead of complex definitions i will love to use it as a set of complex components, just like kangaroo did
    thaks for ur awesome job, keep it up

  12. howking says:

    Rabbit .2 can not work @ RH4sr8
    when Grasshopper loading
    show this:

    Assembly Resolver initialized
    An exception occured during GHA assembly loading:
    Path: E:\ArchCAD\Rhinoceros.4\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components\Rabbit.gha
    Exception System.TypeLoadException:
    Message: can’t from program“Grasshopper, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null”load type“Grasshopper.Kernel.Types.GH_Goo”。

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