This is an experiment that we made with Generative Components.

It is a parametric tree. There are several parameters which could be controlled: angle, legth.

First, We created a parametric branch component, with an angle & length parameter.  The angle of the branch is relative to the angle of it’s parent branch.

The tree is composed of several branches which are replicated. Here are few screenshots of the tree using different values for the parameters.

GET THE .GCT FILE HERE! (for version v8i)



7 thoughts on “Generative Components: Parametric Tree

  1. hlad says:

    Hi guys,
    I’d be interested in how you avoid crossing branches in further iterations.
    Did you look at it?

  2. morphocode says:


    we do not avoid branch interesections. We know that problem, but never tried to fix that.

    Actually, we thought about some other improvements: We wanted to have the tree emerging from a single branch(kind of bottom-up system), while at the moment it is created from a fixed number of branch generations.

    However, that was a quick experiment, it could be improved for sure.
    if you have some other questions, we’ll be pleased to answer 🙂

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