We are happy to announce that we’ve redesigned our website. It now looks and works better than ever.

Some of the  improvements are:


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Rabbit Download

The Facebook like is no longer required to download Rabbit. You can now get it after a simple registration. We have also grouped the basic tutorials in a Getting Started with Rabbit Course.


Responsive layout

Our new theme is based on the Foundation framework and leverages the fluid grid system. This makes it look good on any mobile device.


Better typography

We are now using a Google web font for the main text.


Contact Form

You can now contact us via our contact form.


Updated About Section

Check out our new About Section and learn more about Morphocode’s specialties.



Last, but not least. We were working on a new project called Morphocode Academy: an on-line training platform for architects and designers. Check it out.


Hope you like the new design!