Folded wall
Folded wall

We recently watched a movie, considered to be one of the most memorable examples of old bulgarian cinema. Filmed in 1970, “Bash majstorat” is sure to keep you laughing with its simple touching story of a familly guy who wants to build an additional storey to his house.

What made us write about the movie is an interesting case of interior design that we saw in one of the scenes – take a look at the wall in the video:

…the manager’s desk:

Бюрото на директора

The interior also inspired some of the last experiments that we posted in the LAB.

Модел - Нагъната стена

3 thoughts on “Interesting interior from an old bulgarian movie

  1. Radost says:

    хехехех :))))
    …и масичката, на която посядат също има своя чар! 😉

  2. Мария says:

    Чантата, ризките и поличките въобще не ми се виждат случайни. Питам се: “ЗАЩО, ПО ДЯВОЛИТЕ АЛБУМЪТ Е СИН?!?”

  3. Bobarev says:

    🙂 на девойките на ниските масички обаче хич не им е удобно:)

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