Just a quick experiment. This was the process:

  • Create a curve
  • Divide the curve at a number of segments
  • Create parallel planes(frames) at the division points
  • Rotate each of the created planes at different angle
  • Add controls for the spinning factor(the angle)
  • Get the components of the planes(we need them)
  • Draw line in each plane using it’s local coordinate system
  • Draw two circles, parallel to the line(at the two ends of the line)
  • Add controls for the radius of the circles
  • Loft surface

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14 thoughts on “Rhino + Grasshopper: Spinning sheet

  1. jongsue says:

    nice work.
    i think this definition can use make some words.
    would please share this definition?
    i can not handle GH yet…

  2. nga tau says:

    it reallly looks great
    do mind to share your definition with me as well

    would be very helpful

    thanx in advance

  3. Odys says:

    It’s a fairly good work ! But how can I get the definition?
    I just want to have a research..

    thanks in advance !

  4. yale_tabris says:

    hi, i’d like to see the definition, too. it’s really cool work, but i still can’t get a few of the steps clearly just looking at the words

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