We played with Cellular Automata in Grasshopper lately.
A Cellular automaton is a system of networked cells(for ex. a regular grid of cells) that interact with each other. Each cell has a state( for ex. “Dead” or “Alive”)
Each cell evolves over time – it could die or survive to the next generation depending on its neighbors. In result of these local interactions, multiple patterns emerge on a global level.
We implemented one of the most famous CA: “The Game of Life” in Grasshopper, have a look at the video:

Each of the cells is projected on a surface parameter. A Timer component drives the evolution of the system.

music by “The Slackers”

10 thoughts on “Rhino + Grasshopper: Cellular Automata on a surface

  1. morphocode says:

    hi Sherm,

    the original definition is obsolete in Rabbit 0.2 because of the new components.
    You can easily create the same thing in the new release: create the CA model and use the Cells(filter) component to drive the IsoTrim component.


  2. Sherm says:

    Thanks for replying!
    I tried dividing the surface with isotrim but after plugging it in (to Cell’s filter) an error came up saying ‘Cannot create an absract class’

    I also tried plugging the isotrim into the Points on C Grid but it doesn’t work either.

    Could you kindly show a quick screen grab of how to drive the components? email me at shermanoz@gmail.com if its more convenient.

    Thanks heaps! =)

  3. Nes says:

    I’m also working on similar project with CA, and I’m interested if you could share the Grasshopper definition?

  4. morphocode says:


    rabbit supports a particular type of 3D CA: 2D cellular automata with history(the 3rd dimension). There are examples included in the Rabbit distribution


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