MORPHOCODE is pleased to announce that the long-awaited new version of RABBIT is out!

RABBIT 0.3 is compatible with the latest version of Grasshopper at the moment(0.8.0066).This new version is equipped with a new set of icons and is simplified allowing even easier modeling of cellular automata and l-systems into Grasshopper.

RABBIT allows you to create 2D/3D L-Systems, 1D Elementary Cellular Automata, 2D/3D Life-Like Cellular Automata, Excitable Media Cellular Automata.

Make sure to Get this new release and tell us what you think: DOWNLOAD RABBIT.

13 thoughts on “RABBIT 0.3 beta is out!

  1. esef says:

    why do we have to LIKE this on FB to DL it? i don’t want to log into that shit site and enable their global war on personal privacy. pls give us an alt option to DL your fine work. thanks.

  2. fowlermd says:

    I hate facebook and will never join, so I agree that an alternative download is highly desirable

  3. bmuthaliff says:

    Hi Morphocode,

    My Team and I are have been using the rabbit component steadfast for a while and are nearing our deadline. The product has expired, and we still need to use the component.

    Is there any way to get a renewed version of the component?


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