In order to install Rabbit into Grasshopper:

  • Download the latest version of RABBIT HERE.
  • Open Grasshopper. You’ll need a Grasshopper version, newer than 0.8.0065
  • In Grasshopper, Go to ‘File’ > ‘Special Folders’ > ‘Components Folder’. The components folder should pop-up.

  • Place the ‘Rabbit.gha’ file that you downloaded into that folder
  • Restart Rhino.  Start Grasshopper.
  • You should see the Rabbit toolbar in the tabs

Start using Rabbit

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6 thoughts on “Install Rabbit into Grasshopper

  1. says:

    After i followed all those steps, the toolbars for Rabbit are still not there.

  2. Morphocode says:

    Hi there,

    Could you please let us know what version of Rhino are you using?
    Please note that we haven’t updated Rabbit in a while, so it currently doesn’t work with Rhino 6.

  3. jason says:

    Thanks for your kindly sharing! It helps me a lot!
    However, I have a question about the boundary of the cell grids.
    I mean, I there any way to control the wrapping?
    Because wrapping can be switched off though to prevent flying geometries, when stacking individual game generations to produce a three-dimensional Game of Life in recording mode.

  4. Morphocode says:

    Hello Jason,

    We are glad to hear that Rabbit is useful to you! Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to control the wrapping. A workaround is to create larger grids so that the cells don’t “fall” out of the boundary.

    If you are into coding you can have a look at the source code and try to customize the plugin to your needs:


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