The definition demonstrates how to create the famous Game of Life Cellular Automata using Rabbit.

This is the most famous cellular automata ever invented. People have been discovering patterns for this rule since around 1970. Large collections are available on the Internet.
The rule definition is very simple: a living cell remains alive only when surrounded by 2 or 3 living neighbors, otherwise it dies of loneliness or overcrowding. A dead cell comes to life when it has exactly 3 living neighbors.
A rule by John Conway.
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2D CA: Game of Life GH

One thought on “CA: Conway’s Game of Life 2D with Rabbit

  1. Eda Kale says:

    Hello, I want to make city growth simulation by using Rabbit. But I couldn’t manage to set the barriers (like sea, railway, roads). Is there any specific definition for that?

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