8 thoughts on “Branching Structures: L-Systems study with Rabbit

  1. Leonard Rhine says:

    I’m developing a radial 3d LSystem structure with decreasing radius in rabbit, but I still don’t understand how to make the radius variable while the branch L-system grows just like the examples above. There’s a way in rabbit 2.0, or how could be possible to transform thickness to get the result…? It would be great to solve this, I will share the results of this… Cheers..


  2. morphocode says:

    Hi Leonard,

    there’s no way to control the thickness in rabbit 0.2.
    Controlling thickness and step length over time is a new feature that we are working on.


  3. morphocode says:


    You can use the J command to create points in space.
    Once you have the points at the desired locations, you can ‘Move’ geometry to these points.

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