We have just released Rabbit 0.4 – the latest version of our plug-in for Grasshopper. The new release is the first step in the process of open-sourcing the plug-in.


No Limits

Rabbit 0.4 no longer have expiry date. This release also removes the maximum grid size limit, so that you can fully explore cellular automata. As usual, Rabbit is freely available for download on our site.

Get it here


Join us on GH

We have created a new user group on Grasshopper3d. This will make it easy for you to get updates about Rabbit and the latest tutorials in Morphocode Academy.

Join the group


by Morphocode

Morphocode is an Architectural Practice working at the Intersection of Design and Technology. Morphocode is led by arch. Greta Dimitrova and arch. Kiril Mandov. We have written one of the first grasshopper add-ons; held lectures in different architectural schools around Europe; exhibited internationally and built an online community that we are proud of. Learn more.

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