"АЙСБЕРГ", 1991, Либеус Уудс


Figuration indicates a necessity,
leaving the transformative,
the imagined continuity
of discrete things,
assigned to purpose.

For motion to occur,
a distance must be reduced.
The local is ultimately controlled
by global disturbances
vanishing exponentially.

Horizontality influences shifts
occurring in minor dimensions,
simulating the temporally complete.
But time’s direction is normal
to long set horizons.

Appearances do not lie,
or nothing is true.
Beneath them, then, a layer,
unseen and out of reach,
mocks the idea of order.

Ground is complex enough
with the input of new forces.
A hierarchy is activated where,
disconnected from time,
the forces contrive direction.

The description is fact
unresolved by abstract laws
of residual force without,
of ground’s resistance,
& time’s slow expiation.

An unrecognized presence,
oscillating borderline of influence
negotiating limits of chance,
remains, still expanding
in the mathematics.

Organizing elements are hidden,
too obvious to notice again.
Scattering rules each apply once.
The structures of spaces interact,
constant engines of chance.

Difference shifts. Free forces
become unexpected edges.
Still, difference defends each,
and the form cannot again
ever be the same.

Density is an exact quality,
measured by an illusion of presence,
or how forcefully perception lies.
The swarming of thoughts
reduces looping circuits of lines.

Density occurs with an illusion.
Thought accumulates as force,
where none exists. Soft and unsure,
the concept merely conjures
a significant reality.

The common plane commands
where appearances confuse
angles of separate perception–
flattened and refined,
their residing geometry.

‘Ghost’ waves precede the actual,
defining ground and air equivalence,
constructing with the same elements
turbulence and cadenced flows:
the vicissitudes of stillness.

Пълният текст, съпровождащ сериите UtopX (2006)  на Либеус Уудс.