This is a concept of a facade created in Generative Components. It responds to a collection of control points. The facade acts as a shutter composed of multiple strips. Each strip could twist independently of the others.
Parametric Facade: Shutter of Twisting bands
The change of the facade is a function of the distance to the control points. The facade is getting “open” when there is a control point near by.

Parametric Facade: Responsive Shutter Overview

In a real scenario the control points could be windows, while the facade could act as a thin layer in front of the skeleton of the building.

Parametric Facade: Shutter: Closer View

Each strip reacts individually, while creating an effect of movement in the whole facade.

Parametric Facade: Shutter: Detail

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Note: The zip file contains three .gct files. You should load the MCRotatingSegment & MCSplineRotatingBand assemblies, first! The MCSplineRotatingShutter contains the final result.

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by Morphocode

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11 thoughts on “Generative Components: Parametric Facade

  1. Nikola says:

    Классно! Математика на службе формообразования!
    А в чём открывать енти GCT файлы?

  2. morphocode says:

    Hi JJ,

    It is possible to achieve that result in GH for sure.

    The process would be pretty much the same as it is in GC.

    One possible solution would be to:
    – Create some curves(the levels of the building).
    – Create frames on these curves.
    – Use the frames to create local lines which could twist according to the control points.
    – Loft the local lines to create the surface.


  3. John says:

    When i try to look at the code, I get a page that I need to be logged in to download code – But i am unable to find where / how to register.
    Please help.
    Many thanks.

  4. konstantinos says:

    hello i would like to download the code but the links are dead.
    Is there any possibility to access them?

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